Hello —
I'm Robert, a Vladikavkaz/Russia based multidisciplinary graphic designer, 
specializing in branding, packaging, motion design.

My expertise lies in design, direction and ideas. The color plays an important role
in everything i do. I love connection between music and visual component, and that
is reflected in my work. I’m currently designing over at self-titled, but am occasionally
taking on freelance projects. Just get in touch via email.


2018 A'Design Award in Packaging design — Gold
2018 IDA 17 in Print / CD, DVD & Record Sleeves —​​​​​​​ Gold

— A' Design Award Winning Communication Design Yearbook 2017 - 2018
ISBN 978-88-97977-26-1 Designer Press Vol.27-C, Communication.
— IDA 17 Annual Book, 2018
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